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  It's simple to expand your creative options

The Kodak NexPress SX Press provides photographic image quality, beyond off set quality. The NexPress Press Delivers: Vibrant colors and consistent spot color matching, Smooth fl at fi elds and gradients, Denser blacks while maintaining superb detail and highlights , Unique ability to match the ink gloss level to the substrate being printed.


For metalic impact and sparkleexpand your applications.

Water mark

Ideal for proof prints - a great way to brand a studio - or to add effects to special cards.

Spot gloss

To add a high-glass pop to text and images.

Perfect touch gloss

For a durable,laminate - like high-gloss finish.

Dimensional printing

To add a 3-dimensional texture ar raised printing.

Red Fluorescing ink

To add security printing or improve workflow automation.

  Realize consistent, high image quality resulting in reduced print waste

It's simple

to expand your creative options

Make your communications stand out in a crowded marketplace, with this unique, high-impact effect...
available only with the Kodak NexPress Dimensional Printing System.

Enhance Art

Add Interest to Image

Use Texture in New Ways